Effective. Efficient. Expeditious = Platinum services



Our Litigation team has represented multinational, regional and high profile local clients before every level of the Egyptian courts. Our Litigation Department has extensive professional experience in handling complex litigation, including every type of legal dispute.


The Platinum Law Firm has a specialized Arbitration team which handles complex cases and which represents regional, high profile local clients and government authorities in commercial and investment disputes before many arbitration centers.
                                                      Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mergers and Acquisitions team includes professional attorneys and counselors, under the supervision of our partners, who are well qualified to represent our clients in multinational, regional and local deals, including advising, supervising, negotiating, drafting and reviewing all the necessary contracts and documents required to finalize procedures before the competent authorities.
                                                        Intellectual Property

We provide our clients with every kind of  service and all types of trademark protection in Egypt and worldwide. Our IP department also has lengthy experience in all matters related to Industrial Models, Patents, Designs, Copyright, Domain Names, Applications and Plant Varieties in Egypt and worldwide.

                                                       Labor and Employment

Platinum Law Firm provides a great variety of labor and employment services (Employment Contracts, all types of internal polices, social insurance, immigrations matters for foreign clients, taxes, investigations related to employees, negotiations, settlements agreements and dispute resolutions for all labour cases before the courts

                                              Banking and Financial Institutions

Platinum Law has in-depth experience in all aspects of the banking and financial industry, representing our multinational, regional and local clients in complex transactions - including incorporation of banks and financial institutions, project finance, trade finance, PPP finance, real estate finance in addition to Islamic finance.


Platinum Law Firm protects your rights against Anti-trust, our Attorneys have acted to represent our clients before the Egyptian Competition Authority and before the courts.

                                             Incorporation & Corporate Services

1- Incorporation of Companies

  •  Joint Stock Companies.
  • Limited Liability Companies.
  • All types of Partnerships.
  • Branches and Representative Offices.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • Offshore Companies.

2- Corporate Services

After coordinating with our clients and understanding their business needs,   we provide them with our qualified legal advice to help them meet their expectations and achieve their goals.

Based on the above mentioned,
our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with our Platinum Service by listening to them, offering realistic legal opinions and rapidly developing strategies at a reasonable cost in order to settle our client’s issues as soon as possible. This applies to all types of Corporate services for our Egyptian and foreign clients.

Such services include the following:

  • Drafting Articles of Association.

  • Drafting, attending and ratifying Ordinary General Meetings (OGM), Extra-Ordinary General Meetings (EGM) and Board of Directors Meetings (BOD) before GAFI, the Courts etc., depending on the type of company involved.

  • Amending the legal form of a Company.

  • Liquidation of the Companies.

  • Extracting work permits, visas etc, for foreign and expatriate clients.

  • Obtaining licenses and permits in whatever area  required, in various types of industries, from governmental authorities such as GAFI, the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, General Organization for Export and Import, Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors, Commercial Register Offices, Notary Public Offices, Tax Authorities, Customs Authorities, the Tourism Development Authority, the New Urban Communities Authority, Municipal Authorities, etc.

  • Representing the company before the courts with regard to lawsuits filed against the company by a third party, employee, another company, etc.

  • Registration  of Patents and Trade Marks.

  • Labor issues including internal regulations, social insurance, internal investigations, labour lawsuits filed against the company, etc.

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of Contracts and Agreements related to the day-to-day operations of a business - such as distribution, sales, finance, joint ventures agreements, franchise, agency, services, supply, labor, etc.

                                                         Immigration Services

We represent both corporate and individual clients across Egypt and around the world. Our Immigration Attorneys have helped many immigrants to achieve their goals.

                                                     Tourism and Travel Services

We represent a wide range of international and local hotels in the following services:

  • Obtaining licenses and permits such as Initial Operation licenses, Building Licenses, Civil Protection Licenses, among others, for hotels and tourism projects - from the building stage up until the operation of the hotel/tourism project.

  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing Agreements - for example, Franchise Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Management Agreements between Owners and Operators, Leasing Agreements, Financing Agreements, etc.

  • Settlement of Tax disputes.

                                                            Real Estate Services

  • Our Real Estate Department covering all services, all Notary Public Offices around the Republic, all branches of the Egyptian General Survey Authority using our knowledge, in-depth experience and our connections in various governmental authorities.

  • We assist our clients with their transactions including the sale, purchase and leasing of land and buildings.

  • We assist our clients to recover land and building that had been confiscated by governmental authorities or by fraudsters.

  • Our professional attorneys assist our clients to register their land, buildings, premises, apartments, villas, etc before the Notary Public Offices and competent governmental authorities.Our professional attorneys are able to resolve and settle all kinds of problems relating to real estate registration.

  • We also assist our clients in the acquisition of buildings and lands offered by governmental authorities, such as, IDA, including the finance – if necessary.

                                                      Foreign Investment in Egypt

  • Platinum Law Firm assists foreign corporations and individuals doing business in Egypt and neighbouring Arab countries in various fields of investment.

  • We assist our clients to source investment opportunities and help them to solve complex problems they may face, with legal solutions using our experience, business knowhow and our connections in the governmental authorities.

                                                        Projects & Infra Structure

  • Platinum Law represents projects on the behalf of the private sector - our attorneys and counselors have experience in all aspects of projects and on all  the various sectors, including energy, petroleum, real estate, telecoms, natural gas, water, etc.

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all kinds of local and international agreements related to the above-mentioned sectors.

                                                         Agreements & Contracts

Platinum Law Firm specializes in draft
ing, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of contracts and agreements, including sales, leases, distribution, mortgages, the sale of shares, finance, joint venture agreements, franchises, agencies, supply, labor, etc.