Effective. Efficient. Expeditious = Platinum services

Platinum Law is a full-service prestigious law firm with a long-standing reputation in providing comprehensive, high quality legal services to a range of multinational, regional and high profile local clients in compliance with the highest international standards in the various fields of the law. These include  Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Capital Market, Complex Litigation, Corporate Law, International Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Energy Projects, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Taxes, Drafting Contracts & Agreements, etc.

The reputation of Platinum Law is founded on the excellent reputation of our partners who have spent more than 30 years working with many international law firms and multinational companies in the above-mentioned fields and hold an impressive record of achieving the highest results in the legal world.

Our partners have represented multinational and regional corporations and financial institutions, worked on many important complex business transactions, and handled a vast range of complex litigation and arbitration cases.

Furthermore, Platinum Law Firm is staffed with a professional team of experienced attorneys and counselors qualified to serve our clients, who understand their needs, and can thus provide them with first-rate quality legal services.

In general, Platinum Law provides unique legal protection in various legal fields by providing Platinum Legal Services through our Platinum team, so feel free to do what you do best - while giving us the opportunity to serve you with what we do best!These are the main reasons that our clients chose our firm and why all our new clients trust in us - and are led to entrust their complex legal issues to Platinum Law Firm.